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About the Book

A terrible secret lurks in the papers of the Windswept Plantation and its revelation will ruin the Jamison name, or so family memories claim.  To Barrett Browning, however, the collection of correspondence, ledgers, and journals is a treasure trove of potential publications sure to gain her a valuable promotion at her university.  As a historian, her job is to root out secrets from the past and hold them up to the light, no matter the cost.  The farthest thing from her mind is getting involved with the papers’ owner—much less falling in love with him.


To venture capitalist Davis Jamison, the pile of boxes is a headache he must deal with to protect the family.  What better way to solve the mystery than to have an expert inventory the papers in his own house?  He expects neither his cousin’s frantic obsession to keep all family sins hidden from view, nor the fierce need he comes to feel for Barrett.  He’s sworn never again to trust a woman with his property or his heart.  Can he rely on Barrett to guard both?


A secret will out, however, and it’s found in the journal of the first Jamison plantation mistress.  Hiding the truth brings Barrett to a difficult choice:  success with her career or a life with Davis.  Revealing the truth brings Davis to an equally hard decision:  ruin the family reputation or risk all to have Barrett forever.

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"WINDSWEPT is smooth-as-silk storytelling... Ann Macela takes a large cast and makes everything work, and with the journal entries of Mary Maude Davis Jamison, tells of a living past at Windswept.  Is there a deep, dark secret?  If so, will Davis still let Barrett make the final decisions about the papers and what to reveal to the public?  You will have to read WINDSWEPT, one of the best contemporaries I have read in a while, to find the answers.  I think you will like it as much as I do."
Vi Janaway

Romance Reviews Today



"Windswept is a complex, intriguing tale that is more than a simple romance, much more. I would highly recommend this novel for the more discriminating romance reader who actually likes mystery and intrigues served up with her romance."

Reviewed by Morgan Wyatt



"This novel is an intriguing blend of contemporary & historical…yet is not a time travel.  A wonderful story, I recommend you pick it up!  The mystery at the vortex of this romance is unexpected and a little heartbreaking, and altogether worth the read.  Don’t miss it."

Cheri Jetton review



"For a reader who cut her eyeteeth on Gone With The Wind, WINDSWEPT by Ann Macela was a real find.  Ms. Macela has done a superb job of blending a contemporary romance with a historical suspense with the different times flowing so smoothly that readers will find themselves wondering at times where one ended and the other begins.  This is a story that has it all; love, infamy, family, politics and intrigue in both the past and the present!" 


"Whether writing a paranormal or a contemporary romance, Ann Macela is one author to keep your eye out for.  This reviewer highly recommends WINDSWEPT to any reader who enjoys their contemporary romances with that extra punch from the past."


Loves Romances

4 Hearts



"WINDSWEPT is an engaging romantic suspense thriller that highlights 1830 plantation life in the Bayou through several journal entries weaved throughout the narrative. The key to the well written story line is the romance is for the most part kept on the back burner to slowly simmer into love that enables the deep look by the professor into the Jamison family tree to serve as the prime plot. Although a late suspense seems a bit over the top fans will enjoy this fine comparative look at the past and present residents of WINDSWEPT."

Harriet Klausner



"I loved Windswept from the beginning as I quickly became involved in Barrett’s passion for history. Much of the modern story is driven by the story found in the old family papers of Davis’s family. The tidbits of journals read by the modern characters tell quite a bit about the historical characters including their opinions, feelings, and passions. The history parts are enthralling and extremely well done but it is with the modern characters of Barrett and Davis that the real story lays. There is a secret in the papers that may destroy the Jamison family but these papers will also make Barrett’s career. And as Davis and Barrett begin to fall in love their relationship faces a number of challenges but none as big as the huge decision about what to do with the information found in the papers. Both Davis and Barrett’s characters are strong, honorable, and ethical and it is all of these characteristics that will come into play."

"To say this is a contemporary romance and stop is to do the book a great injustice. Windswept is part contemporary, part historical, part suspense, and definitely a sensual and charming romance! Readers will be drawn into the story from the very beginning and by the end feel like Davis and Barrett are personal friends. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a fascinating and enthralling read!"

Reviewed by: Stephanie B.

Fallen Angel Reviews

Five Angels--Fallen Angels Recommended Read



"I absolutely loved this book! I think that the way in which Ann Macela includes letters and excerpts from Mary Maude’s diary from the 1830’s enlivens the story and gives you a sense of what Barrett is reading as she goes through the papers. The journal made you care about Mary Maude and what she was going through and added to the suspense as I tried to figure out what family secret she might be hiding. Without the addition of these excerpts the story would have been missing something. The journals bring the reader into the story and help increase the feeling of how much history and the present have in common."

"I couldn’t wait to find out what happened and it was a hard book for me to put down. Not only did the suspense of the secret keep me reading, but I was also enthralled with the characters and their relationship with each other. I loved the chemistry between Davis and Barrett. There was so much in the way of their relationship that I had to keep reading just to find out if they could actually make it work. Would Barrett give up what she wanted in terms of her career for Davis? When the secret was found, would Davis sabotage his budding relationship to protect his family’s name? I had to know. I highly recommend this book. It was wonderful!"

Leah Storz

Contemporary Romance Writers

Overall Rating: 10


"[This] story is told by alternating the past, through diary entries, and the present, with the relationship between Davis and Barrett."

"....I really enjoyed this book. The characters are well developed and the diary entries give a glimpse of what life was like nearly 200 years ago. The transitions from past to present didn't disrupt the story."

"The final revelation ... [and]...the impact it might have on a family and two people with different ideas of what should be done with the information was handled beautifully. It was easy to sympathize with both hero and heroine; to understand what this kind of knowledge might do to a new romance."

Leanne Davis

Fresh Fiction



"This engaging mystery has a way of wrapping itself around the reader and holding tight through every page. I love how "Windswept" keeps the reader spellbound! There is intrigue woven into every journal entry, and even though the romance and heated passion between Davis and Barrett simmers slowly, it gradually builds. This is a book which grows ever more suspenseful with each turn of events. Ann Macela delivers a magnificently well written tale that delights. When Davis and Barrett come to an understanding regarding both the Windswept papers, and their feelings for each other, I was deeply touched. This is a whirlwind romance that really delivers."


Coffeetime Romance

4 cups


"WINDSWEPT is a foray into the competitive and cut throat world of academia where tenure is the carrot that makes even the most idealistic turn unethical. At the heart of the story is historian Barrett Browning who can all but taste her tenure if she were allowed to catalog and use the treasure trove that are the personal papers of the plantation owners that lived at Windswept. Davis Jamison is the family’s representative who has ownership of them and has the power to grant or deny access. While the two might come to a meeting of the minds, the fact that the papers will require her to temporarily move into his home also has the potential to lead to a meeting of the bodies – for which neither are prepared."


"WINDSWEPT is a thoroughly enjoyable read that allows romance aficionados as well as those who adore historical writing to come into their own."

Sylvia Cochran

Round Table Reviews



"The past and the present co-exist in this intriguing story. Glimpses into the 1830s are illustrated by a woman's passionate journal writings, and the present-day characters are equally emotional. Macela builds a slow but intense relationship between the hero and heroine, which should delight readers."

Barb Anderson

Romantic Times Magazine

4 Stars



"Historian Barrett Browning develops a close relationship with Edgar Jamison as they consider the historic value of the Windswept Plantation records for research and possible publication.  Edgar Jamison dies before the project barely gets started and his grandson Davis inherits the huge pile of papers as executor of Edgar's estate.


Ann Macela has written an intriguing tale of family loyalty versus the publics' right to historical accuracy. Neither Davis nor Barrett have any idea she will stumble onto a terrible secret that threatens to ruin the Jamison name. Also unexpected is the length his family will go to protect their reputation.


. . . will Barrett remain focused on her need for tenure and the project at hand, or will her growing desire for a future with Davis cause her to veer away from fulfilling her dream? . . . Windswept is a book well worth reading."


 Night Owl Romance

Score: 4 / 5


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